Focusing on Marketing, Branding, Publicity, Promotions and Social Media. We value our client’s needs. Looters expert services help every client grow their business. We ensure their goals and brand surpasses expectations in every territory.

Creating an environment where our clients attain success beyond their original goals. Our clients are like family and we go above and beyond.

Looters began in Toronto in 2006 as a boutique company created out of pure passion for hard and loud music like metal, rock and punk. We focused on a couple of clients with all our energy. We took care of them 100%. 

Cut to several years later - we were ready to grow. 

We found out there was a shortfall in the Canadian industry for this genre of music. It wasn’t getting the media coverage and marketing it needed. It wasn't getting the attention it deserved. 

Communication happened fast when managers and labels found out Looters can get artists the results they craved. They called us when they saw our devotion to the music and heard about our reputation. The response was incredible and we immediately opened our doors to other labels and bands. Looters changed things for many artists - we got them more media coverage and we created unique and results driven marketing campaigns. Then social media kicked in. We got them successfully up and running on that too. 

Looters had fully evolved from the original boutique company, with a couple of clients, to a full operation company. Supporting specific needs for campaigns including PR, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Social Media and Promotion. 

We’ve continually surpassed expectations on record sales, we’ve increased press coverage for our artists and we’ve turned short-term clients into long-term members of our Looters tribe. 

Now it’s 2020 and navigating these times is a whole other animal. We continue to connect you with your audience in imaginative ways.


Handling social media channels is a new division and we’ve seen positive results with innovative campaigns. We know how to post, when to post and how to add power to that post. We work with Canadian, North American and International influencers focusing on song integration and match the right music to the right content. Looters also work with managers of influencers and have invested in influencer programming such as apps and search engines.

We educate, inspire, and support our diverse clients while creating their best story to build and maintain a true fan base. Looters is the place for all types of music – we will get it to your audience. We, more than anyone, understand what it takes to do that. We will guide you to not just survive - but thrive. 


We take no prisoners and will lead you to victory. Let’s go full throttle and make some noise together.



Under the direction of Looters, artists have sold 100,000+ units in Canada over their lifetime.


Many of our artists have been awarded Certified Canadian Gold or Certified Canadian Platinum.

What They Say!

"Working with Sarah was a dream, her expertise, care, & consideration for both us as people & our music was on full display from the conception to the execution to the debriefing. Having her & the Looters crew handling our Canadian PR was the best decision and one we'd make again a thousand times over."

Vile Creature 



"We are VERY happy with the social media services (as well as publicity and streaming pitching) we received and saw a spike in followers across all our social platforms along with new and creative ways to reach our audience. We highly recommend Looters!"

Weigh The Anchor 


"Sarah and the team at Looters are just the best. Super proactive and the most hard-working and knowledgeable crew in Canada."

Missi Callazzo (owner)
Megaforce Records


“Sarah has been an invaluable PR partner on several of our releases. She’s attentive, responsive and most importantly of all has the relationships to deliver the results that we and our artists need.”

Ian Stanger (owner)
Black Box Records

"Sarah and her Looters team have been an absolute pleasure to work with on many different projects over the past 10 years. Most recently, we've hired them to oversee publicity and media relations for Fearless Records in Canada. Even just a couple months in now, Looters have already helped myself and the Concord international team further develop the presence and awareness of the Fearless brand and their artists in the Canadian market. We're looking forward to continuing our future exponential growth together."

Bryan Columbas (label manager canada)
Fearless Records / Concord Music


"Sarah is a tireless worker. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in many diverse areas in the music industry, and she has been a true asset to the Artoffact Records team. I would recommend Sarah and Looters to any artist or record label, big and small."

Jacek Kozlowski (co-owner)
Artoffact / Storming The Base


"Working with Looters was a great experience. They worked meticulously to make sure the campaign was as smooth as possible and were able to get some great looks on the songs, specifically with influencers using my content. Thanks!."

Baby FuzZ


"What a difference working with Sarah and the Looters team makes! They know the rock and metal genres inside out in Canada, and provide our bands great, high-quality media opportunities all across the country, which directly boosts every album campaing and tour."

Maria Ouellette (director of international)
Spinefarm Records


"It's been a pleasure working with Sarah over the past 7 years. Sarah has overseen our sales and marketing in Canada including retail, press, radio, distribution, etc. Sarah also represents our label with artist relations in the territory. Looters is fully committed and passionate about the work and clients. I find Looters has the highest level of work ethic and won't stop, even after goals are achieved!”

Louis Posen (owner)
Hopeless Records


"Looters has played a key role in helping us navigate our physical business for Century Media Records during this COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to Sarah and her team for their hard work and attention to detail, they have been a life saver! We look forward to working with them in 2021."

Dirk McMillan (Label Manager)
Century Media Records

"I recently worked with Sarah Lutz on Soulfly’s Point Blank Nailbomb tour. It was the first time I had ever taken a band across Canada, and with a 3 week tour, I need the best publicity I could get.  I was referred to Sarah by Nuclear Blast.  It was one of the best experiences I could have imagined!  Sarah got press in every city and many different formats.  What really impressed me was the fact there were no cancellations!  I look forward to teaming up with her for all future Canadian tours!"

Gloria Cavalera (manager)
Manager of Soulfly / Max Cavalera


"Looters had the ultimate challenge in the first year of working with our band; make a small, independent band from across the country relevant during a pandemic - all while they can't tour! Somehow, they pulled it off! Sarah and the whole team at Looters really know their craft, and helped us actually achieve growth as a band in 2020 - a year where frankly, our tour plans were canceled, we couldn't afford an album and we were watching so much of our industry collapse around us. The Looters team pulled out all the stops to make sure the music that we COULD produce was heard and recognized, and for that, we are eternally grateful! We cannot wait to continue working with this amazing team. 

Strange Breed

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