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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Looters began in Toronto in 2006 as a boutique company created out of pure passion for hard music. We focused on a couple of clients with all our energy. We took care of them 100%.

Cut to several years later – we were ready to grow!

We found out there was a shortfall in the Canadian industry for this genre of music. It wasn’t getting the media coverage and marketing it needed. It wasn’t getting the attention it deserved.

Communication happened fast when managers and labels found out Looters can get artists the results they craved. They called us when they saw our devotion to the music and heard about our reputation. The response was incredible and we immediately opened our doors to other labels and bands. Looters changed things for many artists – we got them more media coverage and we created unique and results driven marketing campaigns. Then social media kicked in. We got them successfully up and running on that too.

Looters had fully evolved from the original boutique company, with a couple of clients, to a full operation company. Supporting specific needs for campaigns including PR, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Social Media and Promotion.

We’ve continually surpassed expectations on record sales, we’ve increased press coverage for our artists and we’ve turned short-term clients into long-term members of our Looters tribe.

Now after 2020, navigating these times is a whole other animal. We continue to connect you with your audience in imaginative ways.

We educate, inspire, and support our diverse clients while creating their best story to build and maintain a true fan base. Looters is the place for all types of music – we will get it to your audience. We, more than anyone, understand what it takes to do that. We will guide you to not just survive – but thrive.

We take no prisoners and will lead you to victory. Let’s go full throttle and make some noise together!

Creating an environment where our clients attain success beyond their original goals. Our clients are like family and we go above and beyond.

Sarah Lutz

Queen of The Universe

There’s a feeling, the kind you’d have with your foot on the prow of a ship you’re piloting. It’s a soaring, triumphant feeling, somewhere between elation and ecstasy, the kind that comes with the beginning of a wondrous adventure.

Sarah Lutz is the embodiment of that feeling.

Sarah’s been charting her course with LOOTERS for over 17 years now. Initially cutting her teeth as a promo rep. at Attic Records, then moving over to be an agent at The Feldman Agency, she set sail on her own in 2006, establishing LOOTERS as a boutique company specializing in heavy music across metal, rock, and punk. Through that time, she took the neglected market of heavy music and singlehandedly raised the profile of innumerable bands across genres in the Canadian music scene.  

Sarah also saw the emerging importance of social media and went from being an early adopter to becoming a campaign guru. Her skill at negotiation is legendary, her keen eye for detail even more so. And with over 20 years of working with everyone from labels to managers to promoters and of course, bands, her devastating wit and infamous sass have earned her the moniker ‘Queen of the Universe.’

Now, with a crew behind her and a worldwide roster, her horizon-scanning continues to yield dividends, from her industry-recognized “Looters” distribution list to her continued trailblazing in digital campaigning. Her slogan, “Takes no prisoners. Leads you to victory,” didn’t fall out of the sky – it came from doing precisely that, over and over again, for all of her clients.  

If you’re looking for the best in the business, look no further than LOOTERS. And as for the dwellers and doubters: Bend the knee or perish, bitch.

Lucy Sky

Publicist, Promotion and Social Media

Lucy wears a lot of hats. At Looters, she is the Coordinator for all things publicity, social media, and radio (web and campus). Need music, want to interview one of our clients, photograph their show? Lucy’s got you covered.

With stripes in public relations, photography, journalism, band management, and more, the only thing she loves more than music is her dog, Moka. Having worked on as many business campaigns as she has band campaigns, thinking outside of the box and going above and beyond for clients is in her DNA. To say she’s happy at Looters is an understatement. Lucy couldn’t think of anywhere she’d be happier than an agency built on the same unwavering passion for music as she has (particularly the kind you play loud as hell), and where she is able to put all of her hats to good use.

Concerts have always been where Lucy has felt most at home and if you’re looking for her, you’re most likely to find her in either the photo or mosh pit. She’s the one with the two tone hair who wants nothing more than to spend her life telling people about great music.

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