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From Full Label Servicing to Individual Campaigns

Our commitment is to you and your campaign.

It’s busy out there, but with Looter’s 17+ years of marketing experience, we put you centre stage and get you heard.

We’re a full-service company and we build the best story for your product by targeting marketing areas custom-designed for you – whether that’s social media, publicity, influencers or all services below.

We offer FULL-SERVICE or INDIVIDUAL services – all below. Contact us for a quote!


Our team will create and develop strong marketing plans full of strategic ideas that will work for your campaign.

  • Advertising – Negotiate the best prices and present options for you to reach your target audience
  • Streaming – Pitching and educating creators, in an organic way, creating trust and building relationships with your music’s brand
  • Promotions – From radio to organize appearances, performances, autograph sessions and other live in-person or on-line events


We get results from targeted media designed to your specific needs for your campaign – locally or internationally.

  • Pitch to all current media including TV, Print, Web, Lifestyle socials for collaborations and takeovers
  • We motivate the media to obtain live Q&A, exclusives, premiere, features, quotes, reviews, press mentions and more
  • Provide all Admin – timeline (to keep campaign on track), press releases and bio’s

Social Media

We can develop paid and non-paid social media and content strategies, helping to grow your business through a variety of online and social channels.

  • For all campaigns Looters has worked in the past year, we have seen an increase of 40-65% across all platforms!
  • We focus your campaign on fan engagement strategies and growing audiences
  • Looters helps you to develop social media habits that grow an audience in the long term


We work to put your music in front of influencers in our database with the right audience.

  • Looters has worked in collaboration with influencers to put music in front of over 7.1 MILLION TikTok users in Canada
  • Our influencer campaigns have been viewed over 1 MILLION times
  • Looters’ influencer campaigns hit over 210+ MILLION potential engagements


Servicing your music to radio & video and collaborate with like-minded platforms for additional opportunities.

  • We service your music out to:
    * Specialty FM channels (for heavier music)
    * Stingray Digital – both video and singles
    * Campus radio all across Canada, includes 6 weeks of tracking
    * Play MPE international database
    * Podcasts
  • Work with your product for features and premieres on lifestyle and like-minded outlets:
    * On-line – collaborations, live Q&A, Instagram stories and takeovers
    * Physical locations – in person events and promotions


We provide analysis, solutions, and our expertise to help your campaign successfully sell whether it has a history or you need us to create your story.

  • Our ability to forecast future trends ensures the success of your product
  • We use customer and trend research to create strategies and produce campaigns that will change how people perceive the brand
  • Managing campaigns to ensure that products and services meet customer’s expectations and to build the credibility of the brand in the campaign
  • We collaborate with you to create a new brand awareness and story

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