We are a full service company that focuses on your product being centre stage! Our dedication is on your campaign, building the best story for your product by targeting marketing, publicity, branding, promotions and social media.

See the list of FULL SERVICES below or contact us about the INDIVIDUAL SERVICE you need for your product and campaign. Pricing varies between individual services and full service so contact us for a quote.


Our team will create and develop a creative marketing plan full of fresh ideas that will work for your campaign.

  • Identifying industry and consumer trends with an eye on your company’s needs: price & promotion and most important of all, what your customers want
  • Using advertising to plan and execute initiatives to reach the target audience through appropriate channels
  • Educating customers in an organic way creating trust and builds a relationship over time with you and your customers
  • Insure to create an irresistible experience that connects with people personally and inspire them to share with others
  • We collaborate with marketing and other professionals to coordinate brand awareness and marketing efforts during a promotional event


We provide you with any and all types of media coverage designed to your specific needs for full campaigns or single/video premier, interviews, features, quotes, reviews, news posting or tour dates.

  • Design timeline schedule to keep campaign on track and on-time
  • Write and create press releases to send out to all international media in our exhaustive database 
  • When working on your campaign we pitch and confirm all media (TV, print, radio and web) for coverage on artist’s releases, tour dates and/or news
  • We motivate the media to obtain features, quotes, reviews, news posts for new releases, tour dates and press releases


We provide analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help your campaign successfully sell.

  • Our ability to forecast future trends ensures the success of your product
  • We use customer and trend research to create strategies and produce campaigns that will change how people perceive the brand. This involves cross channel content strategy using print, digital signage, social and mobile
  • Managing campaigns to ensure that products and services meet customers’ expectations and to build the credibility of the brand in the campaign
  • Honing in on the businesses purpose and vision to carefully craft a cross channel branding strategy that feels authentic to the company’s vision


In person, online or over the radio, we will get your product in front of customers.

  • Work with your product for features and premiers on lifestyle and like-minded outlets 
  • Organize appearances, performances, autograph sessions and other live in person events
  • Create material for promotion of event in advance and/or at live event. Can include, but not limited to, video, print and presentation
  • We service your music out to specialty FM channels (for heavier music), Sirius XFM Canadian programing and campus radio all across Canada
  • Strong industry contacts in streaming and download services to help pitch for featuring on playlist’s and on front-page releases

Social Media

We can develop paid and non-paid social media and content strategies, helping to grow your business through a variety of online and social channels

  • We understand responsible social media / content strategy and planning
  • Guaranteeing proper and innovative execution of work in all areas
  • Providing a consistently superior creative product

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